If your business is completely online or mainly online, your mobile marketing will likely be different from other businesses. Use the tips below to effectively use mobile marketing for your non-brick-and-mortar business.

Even if your business is completely online, consider placing ads on local search sites. While this may seem counter-intuitive, consumers are constantly looking for better deals, and the mere fact that a consumer is making a search from a mobile device does not mean that the consumer is ready to purchase.

If you’re trying to gain customers in a particular local market, try to arrange an affiliate agreement with a local business. While the variety of agreements and their terms vary widely, the essential concept of reciprocal promotion or promoting your business for a fee remains the same regardless of your individual agreement. By affiliating yourself with a brick-and-mortar business, you help put to rest the essential discomfort consumers feel when dealing with a business that exists primarily online.

Include information about returns, exchanges, and refunds if you’re selling a product from a predominantly online site via mobile marketing. This information can make or break an order for most online shoppers who have experienced the expense and/or inconvenience of having to return items ordered online.

Many individuals are using mobile devices more than desktops or laptops, so that it’s safe to assume that online purchases such as those formerly made from desktops or laptops are occurring to some extent by users of mobile devices.

Make adjustments to your order forms for your on mobile devices. Interrupted service occurs where consumers lose everything they’ve filled out and frequently they will not retry to submit their information via mobile device if the device fails. Request consumer email address near the top of your forms so that you can contact consumers whose orders did not go through.

Always include a phone number so that a consumer can call in an order and have a staff member dedicated to answering such calls. Smartphones are frequently still used as phones and having staff members who are able to respond meaningfully to consumer inquiries, and take orders from consumers by phone is a critical part of an online business.

While most businesses want to avoid clutter on sites that are viewed via mobile devices, it’s important for your online business to include reassurances to mobile consumers that your site and your business are legitimate. For instance, the Better Business Bureau has a click-to-check subscription that allows users to view a BBB icon that will bring them directly to your company report.

Carefully design coupons so that you can provide consumers with a longer period of time to redeem your coupon. Unlike brick-and-mortar businesses consumers search for using their mobile devices, they likely are not looking to immediately make a purchase from an online business.

Mobile marketing is different for businesses that do not have brick-and-mortar headquarters. Use the tips you’ve read to begin to craft a mobile marketing campaign for your online business.